Denture Liner


Denture Liner Kit - No More Loose, Uncomfortable Dentures

Denture Liner is needed because as soon as natural teeth are removed the gums and jawbones begin to slowly shrink and change shape. This is a very gradual process, but it never stops and it cannot be prevented. Therefore, dentures that were very comfortable at first, do, over time, lose their support, stability and retention. When that happens, a denture liner is needed to "fill the gaps" between the denture and the gums.

When a new professionally made Denture Liner is put in your mouth it usually fits quite well and is comfortable to wear. The dentist may make some small adjustments, by carefully grinding away any high spots on the inside of the denture. These adjustments can provide maximum denture comfort. In addition, the best the dentist can do in providing for the denture needs of his patients is to make a denture that fits when at rest. That is, when not chewing food. Therefore it is up to the denture wearer to test the denture and make sure it is comfortable at all times and especially during oral activities such as chewing food, drinking and talking.

As any dentist will tell you, after your natural teeth are removed and your Denture Liner is installed, there will be natural, normal shrinkage of your gums. After a while this shrinkage causes your new properly fitted denture to get looser and looser as time goes on. Sometimes the loose denture is the cause of sores or tender places on your gums that hinder you so much that eating and chewing your food is a really painful experience. One alternative or way to solve or fix this problem is to visit your dentist and have him make a new impression or mold of your mouth and then use that mold to permanently adjust and re-line your denture.

The Denture Liner Kit has an always-soft and finger-moldable liner compound which is durable and easily replaceable. The kit is designed to make false teeth much more comfortable as well as a good way to also have better oral hygiene and thus, according to researchers, a healthier life in the days ahead. This is a new way anyone can use to reline his or her loose dentures. No costly dentist appointments needed. This is an easy to use kit designed to quickly, easily and inexpensively make any uncomfortable or loose denture fit much better.
All denture wearers have to inexpensively add an additional material to the inside of the denture to compensate for that natural gum and bone shrinkage. The brand new way to reline any upper or lower denture with a low cost, no mixing needed is the use of denture liner kit.

The Denture Liner Kit contains a soft and flexible liner compound made to self-adhere to the top or inside of both upper and lower dentures where they contact the skin of the gums. With this kit in use there are many extra benefits the denture wearer will realize such as: no more sore spots caused by loose dentures rubbing the gums raw while chewing; no more loose or noisy dentures, and a return to the joys of once again eating and chewing all kinds of food confidently.

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